What Is A Savvy Woman Entrepreneur?

I believe strongly that women entrepreneurs are changing the world! A record number of women are joining the entrepreneurial path, whether due to the recent economic crisis or because of a strong need for wanting to follow their own true purpose and passion in life instead of following someone else’s.

Today’s women entrepreneurs have the potential to be an economic powerhouse that can change the world and the way we do business forever. In order to take the world by storm and truly thrive, women entrepreneurs need to embrace the critical and fundamental characteristics of a Savvy Woman Entrepreneur!

So what is a Savvy Woman Entrepreneur?

A Savvy Woman Entrepreneur is a business owner who is “In The Know” and a clear understanding of the HOWs and WHYs! She is well informed and shrewd. She understands the need for gathering more and more knowledge to increase her skills and experience. She knows that having new insights and sound judgment is what will help escalate her business. She knows that the key to business growth is building relationships with her prospects and clients that demonstrate her passion, mission and commitment to providing high value. She knows that she must step up and be a leader in her business in order to increase her impact and influence. She understands the importance of having strong social skills that enable her to serve her clients at the highest level. She understands that there are key activities that drive her business growth and that investing in her own development as well as delegating non-income producing activities is absolutely vital to her business success. She knows that there is more and more competition in the marketplace every day and in order to be the “Go To Person” in her industry, she has to master marketing and sales skills and strategies. She knows that one of the key components of being a Savvy Woman Entrepreneur is the ability to take calculated risks and to manage her fears and doubts that can block her from success.

At Savvy Women & Wealth, we define a Savvy Woman Entrepreneur as:

S = Solutions Oriented – She knows the key to business success is to become a driving force in her business, in her industry and in the world by stepping up and playing a bigger game.

A = Attraction Magnet – She knows the key to business success is to master marketing and sales.

V = Value Oriented – She knows the key to business success is to know and own her unique value and provide high value content to prospects and clients.

V = Visionary Focus – She knows that the key to business success is about having a clear vision for her business and sharing that vision through her marketing in a way that inspires, educates and empowers.

Y = Your Story – She knows that the key to business success is about the ability to share her mistakes as well as her achievements and her WHY.

Live Savvy & Become A Queen of Six Figures!
Savvy Women & Wealth is all about helping women entrepreneurs, business owners and service professionals to step up and into their own gifts and talents, mastering marketing, sales and mindset blocks that have held them back from achieving their greatness, sharing it with others and creating a massive ripple effect in the world that leaves a lasting legacy.


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