A Good Lesson & Practice For 2013!

As we all know, being a woman entrepreneur is hard work and our daily journey can sometimes get discouraging and down right depressing. I decided to create a “Daily Gratitude Jar” that will force me to take note of all that I am grateful for on each day of my life!

Materials Needed: A glass jar with a beautiful sign that says “My Gratitude Jar”

Small Pieces of Paper: Either colored paper or white (your preference)

A Pen/Pencil: Your choice

Instructions: Each day make sure before your head hits the pillow that you have documented at least one thing that you are grateful for and good things that have happened to you. Write it down on a piece of paper and put it in your jar.

On New Year’s Eve you get to empty it out and see what awesome things happened to you throughout the year that you are grateful for. You can either do this by yourself or share it with a group of close friends and/or women entrepreneurs you network with. In believe in the power of collaboration and sharing.

One Additional Idea:

I’m also starting a “2013 Achievements Jar” that I will add to each day in addition to “My Gratitude Jar.” Again, our path can be daunting and sometimes get the best of us. When times feel tough and I am feeling the fear, feeling like I’m unsure I can do something, I’ll pull out this jar and review what I have accomplished to help give me the extra boost of energy I need to keep moving forward.

If this resonates with you, please pass it along to other women entrepreneurs who it can help.


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