You’ve spent years giving your talents, experience, and skills to your 9-5, as I did, and while you were compensated for your work, can you honestly say that it is your life’s purpose? 

I didn’t come to question this until much later in life.  I was brought up in a blue collar family where dreams and aspirations were crushed like a bug.  I decided that “no” was not an option and so I kept pushing and pushing myself to learn from every job I had, and if I outgrew the job, I found a bigger and better job.  That strategy took me from a waitressing job to working on Wall Street in NYC!  The world class training I received along the way allowed me to build a $25 million financial advisory practice at a world renown global wealth management firm, making just shy of six figures.

After the 2008 financial collapse, and all of my sweat equity was taken from me by the firm I worked for so they could survive the clumsy and inadequate business management practices that left them a day away from bankruptcy!  That was my day of awakening!

From this moment on I realized two things:  1) that it was time to take my life into my own hands and not ever allow my destiny to be controlled by corporations again, and 2) the only way to truly live a life of purpose is to start my own business.

While I value and appreciate every job I had and all of the impressive training I attained, I was tired of being overlooked for promotions, receiving less pay than my male colleagues, getting scolded for my creativity and boldness, and yes, having my ideas stifled.  I knew this was no way to live.

Entrepreneurship is a scary, lonely, and uncertain journey to undertake, but on the other side of that is financial freedom, unlimited autonomy to build and grow a business that helps others better their life!  That’s my purpose.

If you’ve thought about leaving your 9-5 to start your dream business, then you need to check out my course,  The 5 Step Online Business Profit Formula:  Discover The Essential Pillars To Fast Track To Six Figures, a three month coaching program at The Savvy Women’s Academy where you’ll walk away with your 12 month Business Roadmap, a Seamless Sales Process, an Attraction Marketing Plan, Value Added Connection Storytelling, Validating Branding, and Your Wealth Mindset System.

To learn more about the program or to take our FREE Six Figure Business Assessment, contact us at sherry@SavvyWomenAndWealth.com



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